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Did you know that this universally recognised bottle shape was actually inspired by a Victorian dress shape?

Welcome to Chakatsa! We are a strategic brand marketing and communications agency that works with you, for you.

Passionate about building and reengineering brands; our approach is simple: We learn everything about your company, your competition and your clients. Based on your needs, we develop an optimum strategy and put in the right resources to accomplish your mission.

At Chakatsa, we have built our reputation on our ability to reduce a complex challenge to a simple strategy, taking a practical and entrepreneurial approach to help build strong brands. We apply expert brand marketing principles to add value to your strategic business goals. We give attention to every job we handle.

Our goal is to provide world class brand marketing and communications services to each of our clients. Our team has the experience and ability to translate ideas to ideal brand marketing and communications solutions.

With a friendly atmosphere and highly talented professionals, there is no job we cannot handle. Working together works!

Talk to us; with our collective experience and track record, we will deliver, whatever the assignment.

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